Helping my juniors solidify their fundamentals to go on to play college golf



Golf is a hard game. Essentially you need to have all the skills necessary to: Drive the ball long and straight, hit solid straight iron shots while controlling distance and trajectory, chip and pitch the ball close to the hole and finally, hit putts with good feel and distance in the hole to get a score. Whew! That’s a lot isn’t it?

But I’m here to tell you you have to keep it simple. My main objective as a player and a coach is to teach proper fundamentals that translate into a FEEL for you the player.


I teach a neutral grip, a square stance and good alignment to begin with. With these three things I order from the beginning you are on your way to swinging with proper fundamentals. If you start with any of those three things off you will have to compensate for it somewhere in your swing thus killing the fluidity of a fundamentally sound swing that creates power and accuracy.


I also believe if it hurts it’s wrong !! Take it from me, I’ve had my share of injuries when I was learning to play golf in college and even while I was playing on tour. If you are forcing your body to to get into positions you are headed for trouble. It is a swing, and it is fluid and dynamic. As a result of good fundamentals you will get into proper positions but the golf swing is exactly that, a swing not a position.

You should be letting out energy in the golf swing, never holding back energy.
I hear the phrase the “hands do nothing in the swing” but that is not exactly true. They have their function. When used properly the hands play a vital role in letting energy out and helping the club swing with fluidity and consistency.


Impact is THE most important moment in the golf swing. That is a fact. The swing plane is the second most important fundamental that determines the direction the ball travels. If you can develop a repeatable swing plane and a good impact position you are on your way to becoming a good golfer. My mentor and great friend Ted Sheftic taught me the importance of impact. I had a very good swing plane when I first went to see Ted after my sixth year on tour but my impact was very inconsistent and I didn’t know why. He helped me learn how to get to a good impact position and more importantly where good impact is. This enabled me to begin to see great improvement in my ball striking and more importantly it helped my stop wasting my time and energy searching for the keys to better ball striking and begin focusing on the things that were going to help me strike the ball solidly and consistently. I went from frustrated and confused to confident and relaxed. I began enjoying golf!! I will teach you how to do this. It’s good solid fundamentals that are learned not out of reach for em average golfer

Let’s get to work! Creating a repeatable, consistent, swing plane, and an impact position that gives you the fluid powerful swing you desire to help you enjoy the game of golf to the fullest.