Helping my juniors solidify their fundamentals to go on to play college golf

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Page Halpin

35 Years Experience
LPGA Tour Member
NCAA Champion

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Short Game Guru

I’m glad you’re here at my website   I hope you enjoy the site and get something out of it that will help your golf game. I’ve spent 35 years in the game playing competitively, coaching and teaching.  I began playing on the public courses of Sarasota Florida back in the late 70′s.  I grew up playing an old Donald Ross golf course Bobby Jones  municipal where good  iron play was a must because the greens were small and the fairways wide. You had to have a good short game and putt well. My very first teacher was Ron Bakich and Ron had the best short game of anyone I have ever seen. He taught me everything I know about the short game and with hard work I got pretty good at getting up and down from anywhere.  I consistently ranked in the top 15 in short game on the LPGA tour.


Learning to be a Good Ball Striker from Ted Sheftic 

I played for the university of Florida after graduating from high school.  We had some great teams back then.  We won back to back NCAA championships in 85 and 86. I won the individual NCAA championship my junior year. It was a great collegiate experience and I learned so much.  I decided to take my talents to the LPGA tour after college and I found that my ball striking was not going to be good enough to really compete at that level. There were players better than me and I needed to get better.  I had had some good teachers but what took me to the next level was the teaching of Ted Sheftic in Hanover PA. Ted helped me really understand the importance of impact.  I had a good swing plane and I hit the ball straight but contact was inconsistent and I didn’t know why.  Ted showed me how to improve my impact position and from that moment on I knew I could compete and start to ENJOY golf!  I was now teeing it up weekly on the LPGA tour with Annika Sorenstam, Beth Daniel, Meg Mallon and Julie Inkster and I knew I could compete. Whether it be in competition or just for fun, hitting solid shots is just plain enjoyable!  And now I could do it with regularity and it wasn’t some blind black hole that I was searching for.  I could feel it. And that is what I teach now.


Coaching Collegiate Golf

In 1998 I became the women’s golf coach at Vanderbilt university. In my first year we qualified for NCAA Regionals which the school’s golf program  had never done before.  The following year I had one of my players qualify for NCAA’s which also had never been done before at Vanderbilt University. My teaching gets results and fast.   I have learned that even though you might be struggling mightily with your game right now, a simple understanding of what you need to do to improve can set you on the path to good golf pretty quickly.  But it does take work, there is no doubt about that.


Golf Broadcasting 

While coaching at Vanderbilt I also began my career as a Golf broadcaster for ESPN and other networks. I got to walk side by side with the LPGA players that were playing their best golf that week. I learned that it’s not always how good your shots are but how good your bad shots are that really set you apart from the competition. We all make mistakes on the golf course but minimizing the big mistake is important, and making acceptable mistakes is ok.



The way to improve your golf is to be able to take proper mechanics and translate them into a feel that you can repeat.  It takes work yes, but in time your brain makes the brain/body connection.


The average golfer just wants to hit solid straight shots, shoot a nice score and enjoy the wonderful game of golf.  (And beat his/her friends in a friendly Nassau)  I will teach you the four imperative fundamentals of every good golf swing regardless of whether you are a tour  player, good amateur player or beginner. If you execute these four things you will play good golf.


I hope you enjoy the website. Welcome aboard !!