Helping my juniors solidify their fundamentals to go on to play college golf

New tip: well it’s been awhile since I posted anything but while watching Suzanne Pederson and Marco Dawson this weekend I thought I’d mention how important it is to set the club on the right plane line in the backswing to hit the ball straight. Make sure half way back the butt of the club is pointing at the target line. If it’s not, you’re off plane. If you want to hit the ball straight keep the club on plane. It does not ensure you will hit it solid, but I will keep you in the short grass And that’s where you can score⛳️ Hit em straight.

Completely commit to your shot at hand and tell yourself to “be committed and trust your swing”. Practice fully committing to every shot during a round of golf and you will see improvement. Hitting a shot that you have not fully committed to the execution is a recipe for bad golf.

Give 100% on every shot and you can feel great about your effort. And THAT is all you can control.


Tip # 2

Good self talk is vital to playing good golf. Be your best friend out there and encourage yourself with positive self talk.  Like “visualize your shot today and have fun.  Accept that every shot may not be perfect but I am going to commit to my shot and accept the result”  This will free you up and take the tension away allowing you to play to your potential and beyond.  Have fun out there!!!!

Tip #3

Your preshot routine should be the same on every shot. Why? because your routine will help you take away the pressure of a certain shot when you have to execute an important shot. Fall into your routine and not get caught up in the fear of executing the shot at hand. You will produce better shots when your under the gun.